Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fapcams Madness 3: 'Wiggle Wiggle'

It's ime for fapcams of "Wiggle Wiggle," which almost perfectly fits the spirit of this series.

I had a hard time choosing an "original" fancam, but after quite some time, I decided to use this one:

Why Seoyoung and not Alice or any other member? Simple:

1. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
2. Her facial expressions makes everything better. (This skill would make her AV goddess.)

Let's see if any of the "covers" is better than the "original."

Friday, September 4, 2015

An introduction to k-pop music genres

Have you ever wondered what the fuck music reviewers are talking about when they discuss music genres in k-pop?  When is a piece of music one genre and not another?  Are these writers and journalists just pulling these music terms out of their ass or what?  It seems that many of you in fact wonder a lot about different music genres because I get questions all the time about it.  Of course, you could look the answers up on Wikipedia if you wanted, but what Wikipedia won't give you is the k-pop connection and k-pop music examples.  That's where Kpopalypse comes in!  If you've ever wondered about how to tell your pop from your rock, your ska from your reggae and your hip from your hop, then this is the post for you!

t-ara eun) copy2

Bless Dal Shabet!

So Dal Shabet are on some kind of vacation (i'm too lazy too check).

Normally, I wouldn't really care, but ...

this happened:

A photo posted by jo ka eun (@jjojjo_eun) on


But wait! There's more :D

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Best of the Worst: Sept. 3, 2015

Hello again, friends! This week in ridiculous kpop news, we have a rapper who is most definitely not in a sex tape, a model whose breasts are most definitely not fake, and Namjoo:

Which Male Idols Do You Guys Want To See More Of?

I know this is shocking considering my first couple of articles outside the SHINee one was female centered. But the main reason HYS_Fag hired me was to bring in more fanservice for the straight female AKF readers as well homosexual males that read the blog. Have no fear: I am your girl. I will be doing this similar to how Oreo Monster did their Ultimate Kpop Music Awards Show. You guys chose the top five, then vote for the nominations, and the top picks will be in one giant post. Simply follow the link below, and enter your top 5 favorite male idols that you think have the best visuals among k-pop. I would just post some of my own faves, but I know my biases don't align with most people's so I'm leaving the choice up to you, the readers. 

Nominate Your Faves Here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Conspiracy on Conspiracy (in) K-Pop 4: Illuminati are everywhere! Part 3

Freemasons don't sleep, and they are stronger than ever. With the latest k-pop releases, they are trying even harder to gather minions and brainwash innocent teens to fight for NWO!

Let’s see which k-pop releases you should avoid if you don’t want to become a gay, satan-worshiping, Illuminati slave!

I chose four recent MVs and examined them. Here is what I found:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer 2015 hits

Aug. 31 marks the official end of summer in Korea. While it's winter where I am, I was able to experience summer through K-pop songs. Sadly, this isn't a good thing as a lot of the summer-themed comebacks in the past three months sucked. So, I've compiled a list of my top seven songs. These are all personal views, so you will likely disagree with the list. Granted, I have not stuck specifically to summer-themed songs, because if I did, the list wouldn't go past three ... So without further ado, the top songs of K-pop summer 2015.
/Also a poll for your favourite song this season/