Sunday, July 24, 2016

Everyone Thinks G-Friend's SinB is a Bitch, So Now I Love Her

Waving goodbye to the haterz
Some fools on the internet think SinB is a bitch because she didn't sing during some dumb dance video. It's not important for me to even link it here, because these comments stand on their own:

Saturday, July 23, 2016

How Nayeon's Vibrator Almost Malfunctioned

You know Momo was thinking "You fucking bitch, we kiss all the time, so stop with this shit." Nayeon, in turn, had to remind Momo, "We have to try to establish some credibility, even if it's minute, that you're still straight."

f(x)'s All Mine is All Mediocre

This is fine, I guess. It's low budget but it's SM Station so I didn't exactly expect high production values. China haters take note: Victoria looks like she's balding in this video. Also, Luna's contacts freak me out, and Amber is Amber. Krystal looks good though (Jung sisters rule forever).

Friday, July 22, 2016

You wish your drunk favs were this good

Most will immediately notice how happy Sunmi is but I would like to point out that Lim probably thinks they're on Music Core.

Since many kids won't understand: I'm not making fun of them. This is normal chill happy drunk dinner times and it's endearing that they're comfortable/confident being a bit more real with us. More idols, please, share your drunk fun with us. (Can you imagine Girl's Day?)

You Don't Have To Agree With Fei. You Don't Have to Hate Fei.

With China and the SEA recent activities a lot of Chinese-born idols have been showing support for China and because of it I see two extremes of people coming out and both look stupid. On one hand, you have people hating Fei because she supports China, then you have people hating on the people hating on Fei because politics doesn't define her as a person. And honestly, they're both missing the point.

Fancam Appreciation - miss A's Fei

Everyone is probably Quagmire by now.

Every Solo Debut from 2015 Reviewed

DISCLAIMER: I got this list off Wikipedia because my memory isn't flawless so please don't get on my ass in the comments if I've missed something. 

In honour of Fei's sextastic solo debut, I've decided to do a mini review (like, a few sentences. I have a day job) of every single female solo debut from 2015 and 2016 (so far, obviously). The 2016 reviews are going to be in the next post, because I don't want this to kill your phones when you try to load it. Why am I only reviewing girl group solo debuts? Because I don't give a fuck about boy groups, that's why. Deal with it. I'm doing this in alphabetical order and this is all just my opinion so don't come whining to me if I shit on your faves. They probably deserve it. Okay, buckle up kids, because here we go:

Listen, I love Kpop's Out-est Lesbian. She seems genuinely cool. She's friends with everyone! I just wish she had made friends with someone who could make a better fucking beat. What is this half-assed horn nonsense? Also I have no idea what Taeyeon is doing in this song. Next time, try fewer celebrity cameos and more decent music-making.