Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sulli goes to the beach, sees Red Velvet surfing in on a wave of salty tears

So recently some netizens with no lives decided to go into bitter detective mode and deduce that Sulli enjoyed a nice time at the beach with her boyfriend. And there are some details after the jump.

Minah Joins WAG Elite

Girl's Day's Minah has finally gotten a man, after years of lusting and dealing with pent-up sexual frustration!!

She's now dating South Korean footballer Son Heung Min, one of the few decent players from the South Korean National team that came home from the World Cup in virtual disgrace ("eat taffy/toffee" is an insult in Korean btw). While I for one am happy for Minah, seeing as how this is her big break at finally being able to quench the massive thirst she has been harboring for years, netizens were unamused.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Four Ladies' Second Teaser

We still don't have to write shit!

Popu Lady >>>>>>> All Kpop Girl Groups (Minus Four Ladies)

While Four Ladies teased a lesbian concept, we didn't see much aside from ass grabbing. On the other hand, the Popu Lady members actually kiss each other on screen. We don't know if Four Ladies will troll us, but Popu Lady sure didn't!

I didn't think I could like this group any more than I already did.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hyuna's 2-step plan to destroy the innocence of Korea

2-step like the music genre? No! I'm not that clever! But Hyuna is very clever... or not! Details after the jump.