Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[MV...Review?] 4minute - Hate (This Piece of Shit "Song")

Well, 4minute is now auditioning to join YG with "Hate". Read below to see why a song with a lot of potential will be remembered as one of the worst songs of 2016.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #10

It's time for another round of shitposting. Kris, pictured above, proves that just about anyone can become an idol.

The Ultimate K-pop Music Awards Show 2015: Nominees List

Will CL be anywhere in this article? Probably. And I'm sure you all know where. Nonetheless, this is a cool fucking picture of her and you should admit it.

It's been a minute but the results of the survey are finally in. Will your favorite idols be in the nominees list this time? Keep reading to find out who made it to the second round of UKMAS.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Shitfest #35

I almost forgot to write today's Saturday Shitfest. I found out that Mamamoo released a new song. I know a lot of people like the group, but I still haven't warmed up to the group yet. I know that I would run my tongue up and down Moonbyul's buttcrack, though. Does that count for anything?

Things Kpopalypse likes in music: pedal-point harmony

Three things I have noticed about my readership:
  1. They would like to know what I'm talking about with some of my fancy-ass music terms
  2. They seem to dig my technical posts for some unknown reason
  3. They are interested in more information on why I like or dislike certain songs
So here's a little post about pedal-point harmony - a musical term that I refer to quite often.  What the fuck is it?  Kpopalypse will explain all!  Although this is a music theory post, you won't need to know anything about music to understand this post, because I'm going to attempt to explain pedal-point harmony in a way that any drooling fangirl can understand.  Or maybe not, but we'll certainly talk a lot about drooling fangirls on the way, just for fun.  Don't forget your napkin!


Weekly Showdown: Teen Top VS. Mature Top

[Results of last Showdown here]

Okay I feel the need to express how I feel about the new concept Teen Top is going for and I thought I'd ask you guys for your opinions while I was at it. Teen Top is one of my favorite boy groups in K-pop. Or rather, was, because this new 'Mature Top' can seriously go fuck themselves for all I care. I get that they're growing up and shit but at least they used to have this really distinctive "Teen Top" sound to them before. Now they sound just like at least a hundred other boy groups out there. The only thing remotely reminiscent of their older days is "Ah-Ah" but that song is weak as fuck. "Warning Sign" and "I'm Sorry" were alright (albeit the latter was an R&B snoozefest that quickly got boring), but "Missing" and Niel's "Lovekiller" were a fucking yawn. And I just don't hear that signature sound of theirs anymore ever since this new "Mature Top" era started with "Missing". Gone is the Teen Top that used to make catchy and addictive music. Whatever happened to the "Crab Man", "Crazy", "Miss Right", "Be Ma Girl", "Supa Luv" (in all its auto-tuned glory) days?