Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book review: Kpop Now - The Korean Music Revolution

In my eternal quest to shut up those people asking me to review shit all the time, here's a review... of a book.  Unlike song reviews, I figure that a book review might actually be vaguely useful to some of you.  Sure, reviewing the latest written-while-taking-a-shit song from SM or YG might be good for web traffic and ego-stroking but what's the point of me throwing down my worthless, annoying opinion on a song when you can just go to YouTube, listen to it yourself and make up your own mind?  On the other hand, books are less of a try-before-you-buy proposition so you might actually want to know a bit about what's in these fucks before you buy them, so in my mission to get k-pop fans to occasionally put down their iMaxipads and read a fucking book (those things with the pages, you've seen them, right?) I now bring to you this review.  Please enjoy it.  Or not.


Kim Hyun Joong opens up about his towel habits in his pre-release track

Can't you tell that he's apologetic?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Since Sulli is pregnant I will now only be referred to as...


Please refrain from calling me sulli_fag from now on. I don't want to be associated with that loose vaginaed heathen. How dare she let that man touch her dirty pillows and lube up that Pink Tape and squirt in her Chocolate Love.

I am pissed the pho-k off.

CHOIZA  is just going to leave her for some slut working the Denny's at 3:30am at night or maybe even go ALL OUT GAY. How dare she open her legs like that for that bastard...that bitch let him enter her Red Light with his Pinnochio.  The illuminati (which owns SM) will likely   discontinue F(X) because of her pregnancy.

Enjoy this pic of Sojin because I hate Sulli.

Fuck you Sulli you homewrecker...go Electric Shock a Cock...oh did already! Whore.

I'd rather suck Amber's dick now.

Dahye's Ass

Dahye, the member who puts the "BEST" in BESTie.

SM Rookies Seulgi and Irene shoved into a subunit, send a shoutout to their surgeon

This could possibly be the cheapest K-pop video ever made.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Half A Year in Review - The SM Entertainment Edition

Inspired by this amazing gifset by Tumblr user Seuyeon, I have decided; What better way to return to writing then to write my sole opinions on the almost perfectly-monthly comebacks of SM's groups? So I decided to do just that.