Friday, October 9, 2015

The September Honours List

Sorry for not being active this month, I had to prepare for university and spend the entire month listening to multiple songs multiple times to see if anything was better than Dumb Dumb. Let's get cracking.

Best song


Mind Your Own Business (Ailee)

Ailee has historically given me very little reason to dislike her. She has a consistently great output, looks great while doing it, and every minute she works slightly lowers the attention placed upon Jessi. I am positively thrilled that her new release does not leave me feeling betrayed. What I like most about 'Mind Your Own Business' is, even if it is not the case, it sounds like they got actual instruments rather than shitty MIDI approximations; this makes the song sound far more full and powerful and generally just fucking top. Even if Ailee had to sacrifice her voice to stay as trim as YMC wanted her to (linked to Allkpop for ironic purposes), her voice still sounds pretty damn great to me and does exactly what it needs to do: emote somewhat during the verses and absolutely blast the choruses out. Mine and Ailee's business relationship continues to be genial and I hope that it stays that way for many years to come, I don't want her to become someone who I can only look at with the volume muted.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Best of the Worst: Oct. 8, 2015

This week saw a lot of people making bold statements. We have a model telling IU who she should date, an actress insisting her wedding is "definitely not shotgun," and Hyejeong's shirt:


New Survey

Take it here.

I'm busy as shit, I'll look at the results and post them when I get back from Chicago.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Kpopalypse 2015 end of year caonima activity survey results!

Not going to post it again here because the post is freaking huge and I cbf editing it all twice, plus I don't want to create confusion by people thinking that my survey represents the entirety of AKF instead of just my own writing (and yes people still get confused by that!) but if you participated in the most recent Kpopalypse survey and you're curious you can click here for the results!

Or, if you don't give a flying shit, enjoy this video of Eunsol for no reason.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

24K's mini-album is everything iKON's should've been

Coincidentally, nugu group 24K recently just made a comeback, the same day as the official debut of iKON. The only thing that can be said about this is that 24K dropped the album the majority of fans wanted from iKON. So I'm going to do my best to raise awareness of this oh so poor little nugu group, i.e. bring you the album you deserve.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Only 'Slow Songs' I Actually Like

I'm not exactly the type of person who enjoys listening to ballads or R&B or that kinda bullshit (except for when I feel like falling asleep, anyway), but of course, there can be a few exceptions to that fact. Now, I'm not really sure what qualifies as a "slow song," but the definition I'm going by here is that it's simply ... not too fast ... or something.

It's worth noting that I don't listen to ballads that much (I usually just listen to them as a last resort when there isn't any new good music), so if I don't mention any of your favorites, I really don't give a crap, but you can go ahead and mention them in the comments below.

Anyway, here's the list.

Yay! Time to be all depressed and shit.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

iKON finally debuts

iKON, also known as Bobby & B.I + 5 vocals, has made its official debut with "debut half album" "Welcome Back." From what I can gather, this is a mini album released in October, while the full album will come out in November. Does this debut live up to the unfathomable hype that surrounded the poor group? Of course it doesn't. Such high standards were created by the die-hard fans, and thus, people are disappointed with this release. But that doesn't mean it's terrible; it's actually a solid release for a debut.