Sunday, May 29, 2016

suho_ftw's 10 Female Biases

Again, much like my male bias list, this has been edited again to be more clean and much less drawn out.

While I do stan both male and female groups equally, I tend to stan more females. I've never known why but I've always just thought that since I'm a female, I'd relate to females a bit more. 

My male idol post wasn't real meaty, and this isn't very fanservicy either. I've included some fancams or clips to add to the list.

suho_ftw's 10 Male Biases

I edited this slightly from my original post on my blog so that it's a lot cleaner looking and not as drawn out.

This post isn't very man-meaty and most boy group stans don't care for most of these idols so that should tell you how much your biases may or may not align with mine.

I'll try to include some type of clip or fancam to spice the lists up.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

AKF's Top 10 Idols of the New Generation

With many of the established groups peaking and starting to either (1) focus on solo activities, (2) focus on Japan and/or China, (3) stop giving any sorts of fucks, or (4) a combination of all of the above, many people find newer groups to start liking in addition to the groups one already likes. The latest generation of idols have debuted a ton of girls who are ready to take the mantle.

For this generation, I'm considering it starting from Red Velvet's debut. The Big 3 essentially determine the next generation whenever they debut new groups.

There's going to be 20 fancams (2 per idol), so just be warned if you're using mobile and don't want all of your data wasted or have a slower Internet connection and need time for all of the videos to load.

Tiffany for SNL Korea is Jjangbak

Fany has been more interesting this past month on her own than the last 9 years in SNSD. Plus hotter.

Welp, Time to Stan Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon of Dia/I.O.I is hot. I watched this fancam and will now stan her.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Lee Yeon Hee is fucking hot for Marie Claire

Ah, Lee Yeon Hee. You were my first waifu when I got into Korean entertainment. You're still as hot as ever.

Luna is...pretty fucking smart

I was reading this article about Luna's solo and expected to fall asleep while reading the article. "Oh, another main vocalist is going to vocally masturbate so that Koreans can jack off about her tal-- oh wait, Luna's going to do a dance track."